Student Organizations

College of Nursing Student Council (STUCO)

Open to: Undergraduate students in the UIC College of Nursing

The Student Council was created to provide official channels of communications between students, nursing administration and nursing student affairs. It is a centralized organization for academic and social channels of communication within and among nursing student populations. The STUCO also promotes awareness of the nursing student community within the university at large; informs nursing students of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a student; and provides opportunities for appointments to university committees.

2020-2021 Officers

Jessica Bilinski
Vice President: Adam Saleh
Event Coordinator:
Anjli Patel
Secretary: Grace Ely
Treasurer: Taylor Peebles
Senior Representative: Meng Huang
Junior Representative: Julie Araque

Graduate Student Nurses Organization (GSNO)

Open to: Graduate students in the UIC College of Nursing

GSNO represents the interests of UIC College of Nursing graduate students at all six UIC Nursing campuses. The purpose of the organization is to facilitate communication among graduate students and to serve as a liaison between nursing graduate students, faculty, administration, the Graduate College, other health professional colleges and the university at large. GSNO serves to communicate information to students, convey concerns, and explore issues regarding academic and extracurricular activities that affect the quality of graduate nursing education throughout the UIC College of Nursing.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Jason Brooks
Vice President: Lucas Chesko
Treasurer: Daniela Garcia Limon
Secretary: Michael Frintner
Volunteer Coordinator: Thair Al-Saqri

Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) – UIC Chapter

Open to: Pre-nursing students at UIC and undergraduate students in the UIC College of Nursing

The Student Nurses’ Association at UIC is a chapter of both the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) and the Student Nurses’ Association of Illinois (SNAI). Our mission is to enhance leadership skills to offer a competitive advantage in health care, academic, and advocacy initiatives. We accomplish this by being active participants in our community, networking to increase diversity, and engaging in the legislative process which affects all nurses as well as the population we serve.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Nikki Magnuson
Vice President: Haezi Jung
Secretary: Jessenia Nunez
 Monica Ruiz
Volunteer Coordinator: Franciene Aposaga
Fundraising Chair: Cheche Sinfuego
Social Chairman: Karla Carreon

President: Amarissa Garcia
Vice President: Jamie Bernsen
Secretary: Cheyenne Rios
Treasurer: Hannah Kelly
Fundraising Chair: Lisa Schwartz
Volunteer Coordinator: Katie Murphy

President: Maria Macias
Vice President: Namrah Mubeen
Treasurer: Ilesha Patel
Secretary: Rosa Macias
Volunteer Coordinator: Bree Dill

Student Nurses for Social Justice

Open to: All UIC nursing students

Student Nurses for Social Justice began in 2017. Its purpose is to advance social justice in our communities and in our profession by educating student nurses on social justice issues affecting public health and by providing resources and opportunities for students to become involved in the political and social movements around them.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Rania Al-Najjar
Vice President: Anna Luong
Treasurer: Julia Turner

Urban Health Program College of Nursing Student Association (UCONSA)

Open to: Pre-nursing students at UIC and undergraduate students in the UIC College of Nursing

UCONSA is the student organization associated with the nursing branch of the university’s Urban Health Program, which was created by the Illinois State Legislature in 1978 to address health inequities affecting African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos. Members engage in programming and receive resources to address persistent health disparities in minority populations and to improve the quality and availability of health care in underserved urban areas. It also focuses on providing educational, networking and volunteer opportunities. UCONSA is the official sister organization of the UIC Pre-Nursing Student Organization.

2020-2021 Officers

Marlene Rios
Vice President: Jerry Ramos
Secretary: Allyson Esperancilla
Treasurer: Clarisse Tiu
Volunteer Committee Coordinator: Mai Lu
Pre-Nursing Committee Coordinator: Airene Dizon

President: Elise Adu
Vice President/Treasurer: Kaila Loeza
Social & Volunteer Chair: Aliyah Griffin
Secretary: Julyssa Retana

College of Nursing called Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SSRH)

This organization is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Nursing but welcome to students in other healthcare-related studies.

2020-2021 Officers

President: Aria Degillio
Vice President: Carissa Ballew
Treasurer: Alanna Wong
Secretary: Kevin Chow
Advocacy Chair: Priya Rajan

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Chapter

A UIC-wide organization open to: Students from all UIC health sciences colleges—Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Work and Applied Health Sciences

The IHI Open School chapter at UIC is an interprofessional association for health sciences students that focuses on:

  • Providing members with experiences to develop knowledge, skills and connections for future careers, with a focus on patient safety and quality improvement
  • Fostering a passion for healthcare improvement through interprofessional collaboration
  • Encouraging membership of students from diverse academic disciplines dedicated to healthcare improvement
  • Serving the community as a whole through volunteerism and preparation for service as healthcare professionals and leaders

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