Statement on Equity and Inclusion

Issued by the UIC College of Nursing on June 4, 2020

In light of recent tragic events and national unrest, the UIC College of Nursing wants to make clear: There is no room for racism in our institution; in our profession; in healthcare; in our country, our neighborhoods, schools or workplaces; nor in any dimension of society. The College of Nursing faculty are committed to condemning racism in all its forms and supporting education, policies and practices that advocate for equity and social justice for all people.

As nurses, we know that structural racism is a social determinant of health with devastating impact upon well-being of marginalized individuals and communities. The alarmingly disproportionate rates of COVID –19 deaths in communities of color provide stark illustration of systemic inequities in access to healthcare and disparities in health outcomes. Black people are subjected to pervasive violations of their human rights on a daily basis. They experience discrimination, segregation, abuse from authority and, yes, even death by police brutality. The UIC College of Nursing stands in solidarity that Black Lives Matter.

The UIC College of Nursing is committed to equity; inclusivity; increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff and student body; and incorporating teaching, practice and scholarship focused on the moral and ethical principles that found the nursing profession. We are committed to strengthening our alliance with and support of all individuals and communities at risk of marginalization and/or violence including Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ persons, religious minorities, immigrants and the differently abled. But we need to do better. We see you, we hear you, and we will continue to listen.

Below is a listing of resources that students and others may find helpful at this time: