Gabe Culbert and collaborators

Collaboration between UIC Nursing and University of Indonesia faculty is helping understand and address the complex intersection of substance abuse, incarceration and HIV/AIDS.

UIC Nursing assistant professor Gabriel Culbert, PhD’12 and University of Indonesia associate professor Agung Waluyo, PhD’11, have been collaborating on research projects to address the intersection of substance abuse and incarceration with Indonesia’s HIV epidemic. The team received a four-year grant from the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse to develop a medication adherence intervention to improve antiretroviral therapy coverage among released prisoners in Indonesia. The team will adapt the evidence-based intervention Adherence Through Home Education and Nursing Assessment (ATHENA) as a guide to develop a new antiretroviral therapy program. Prisoners will receive visits from a nurse and community worker to identify individual and social factors that patients can modify in order to successfully adhere to their antiretroviral treatments. HIV-positive patients define the content and outcome of their own learning through structured and tailored discussions with the nurse and community worker.