Mikailla Northern

BSN Student, Chicago

Michaela Northern

I knew I wanted to be a nurse after I had to undergo surgery in high school to repair ruptured Achilles tendons in both legs.

I really connected with my healthcare team of anesthesiologists, surgeons and physical therapists, but especially the nurses. They were like my fairy godmothers. I knew they were looking out for me.

UIC recruited me to compete as a NCAA Division I gymnast, but what clinched my decision to come here was the great nursing program. Most schools don’t let their athletes compete while attending nursing school because of the huge workload that’s required. But my coach had no doubt that I could balance both.

The faculty and staff at the College of Nursing has been super helpful in working with my busy schedule and helping me to succeed so I can get my BSN in four years. They make sure I have the same opportunities as my classmates.

The work nurses do amazes me. They truly are the advocates for the patient. I cannot wait to be able to be there for my patients like my nurses have been there for me.