Our Partners

Collaboration is the key to success. We choose partner agencies with expertise that complements ours so that we can deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

Association House

MSHC-HP and Association House have partnered together since mid-2015 to better serve the Humboldt Park/west communities of Chicago. Together, MSHC-HP and Association House helps provide comprehensive care to meet the needs of those who require care to promote overall health. Association House provides vital resources to the under-served, multicultural communities by providing clients with collaborate programs in Spanish and English, promoting educational advancement, and assisting with economic empowerment. At MSHC-HP , we help provide clients with the physical and mental healthcare needs so that as partners, our clients can maintain and enhance their overall well-being.

Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc.

Healthcare Alternative Systems provides a continuum of multicultural and bilingual (English/Spanish) behavioral care and social services that empower individuals, families and communities.

New Age Services Corporation

New Age has been providing behavioral health services to people with substance abuse and mental health disorders since 1984. Professionals from New Age meet with APRN providers at our clinic to enhance their knowledge of substance abuse treatment for methadone management. They provide comprehensive education on screening, brief intervention, & referral to treatment for the primary care providers. A New Age representative sits on our clinic’s community advisor board to focus on community engagement and collaboration for our clinic and services provided.


UCAN’s primary clients are youth in care of the state child welfare system and youth who have been removed from their homes for reasons of abuse or neglect. They also work with the families of these children to enhance the full spectrum of support. UCAN provides a continuum of care which enables clients to move from one program to another as their needs change, sparing our youth the transitions and gaps caused by moves from one agency to another. All of their programs are united by a common clinical philosophy, which ensures that their approach to healing is cohesive and consistent.