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Research Project

Lipid Profiles and Associated Symptoms and Outcomes in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

Principal Investigator
Martha, Sarah R.
Start Date
End Date
Funding Source
Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc.


The purpose of this pilot study is to describe symptoms, cognitive and functional outcomes, and examine associations among lipid profiles in persons with AIS who did and did not receive reperfusion intervention. Recent advances in omics methodology enables lipidomic profiling, which may provide knowledge of the underlying pathology of AIS and its associated symptoms and outcomes. Analyzing plasma lipid markers may provide lipidomic signatures useful in predicting the development of symptoms as well as cognitive and functional outcomes. This pilot study will enroll 30 participants post-AIS categorized into reperfusion intervention and non-reperfusion intervention groups (n=15/each) during hospital admission (inpatient). Peripheral plasma samples will be collected for lipidomic analysis (study day 1 and 1-month). Self-reported symptoms, cognitive and functional outcome data will be collected (study day 5 and 1-month) from patients post-AIS. The SCIEX Lipidyzer platform will be used to determine the concentration of distinct lipid species.