Hands-on Learning

Simulation lab in use

Confidence grows from success, or sometimes from surviving failure. Our Clinical Learning Resource Center is where students learn the lessons best taught by firsthand experience.

The college's Clinical Learning Resource Center provides support services for undergraduate and graduate nursing students through simulation-based instruction and clinical experiences. Learners use simulations in a variety of platforms, such as patient simulators, standardized patients, unfolding case studies, and other methods that include high-, mid-, and low-fidelity simulations in order to engage students at all levels of learning. Comprising the M. Christine Schwartz Experiential Learning Laboratory, the Clinical Assessment & Skills Lab, the Student Success Center, and (soon) our new 15,000-sq-ft simulation center, the CLRC offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs where learners can develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in a safe, simulated environment.

Components of the Clinical Learning Resource Center

The Schwartz Experiential Learning Lab
Missteps lead to mastery in our just-like-real-life simulation center
Clinical Assessment & Skills Lab
The place to practice the raw skills for nurses at your level
Student Success Program
With mentoring, tutoring and open labs, you'll never have to go it alone
Simulation Lab 2019
The future: One of the largest simulation labs in any U.S. nursing school