The Skelly Fund

The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Emergency Fund

Undergraduate and graduate nursing students (full- and part-time) who unexpectedly face a financial emergency beyond their control that would put their education at risk can apply for emergency assistance through the Skelly Fund.

Examples of eligible expenses include: abrupt loss of a family job that provides primary financial support; unexpected illness or death of a person providing primary financial support; medical or dental emergencies; emergency auto repairs if the student is unable to find alternative transportation to school or clinical placement; death in the family where the student must travel some distance to attend services; an impending eviction. Skelly funding is not intended to assist with payments for bills, taxes, tuition or fees, monthly obligations, or purchases such as appliances or automobiles.

Students applying for this fund, based on individual circumstances, will be eligible to receive up to $750. Please note if you apply for other UIC emergency funds, this may affect if, and/or how much, you might potentially receive, if approved by the Skelly committee.

Please note, upon application submission it may take up to 3-4 weeks for the Skelly committee to review your application and come to a decision. If you are selected to receive funding from the Skelly committee you will also need to submit a letter of appreciation to the Office of Advancement.

Skelly Fund Application