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Week 3 Heading link

Dhriti Patel, BSN Student

Most of the cultural activities that we have done in Rwanda have consisted of long drives. For instance, the trips to Lake Muhazi, Lake Kivu, the Akagera National Park, and the reconciliation camp involved several hours of traveling. Not only that, but the journey to the Sorwathe Tea Plantation this coming weekend is also a long drive. I am excited about this long drive because that is when I can see what Rwanda is like, apart from the busy city of Kigali. About 80% of the Rwandan population is rural, and the long drives allow me to see what it is truly to be a Rwandan.

There are many memorable moments that I have observed during the long drives we have been on, and it has taught me a lot about Rwanda. For example, our trip to Lake Muhazi was the first time I saw what the homes of rural people looked like. It consisted of naturally made bricks (which includes cow dung) and tin roofs. It was also interesting to see the environment of Rwanda, which was mostly dirt roads, banana trees, and goats. During our trip to Lake Kivu, I saw many kids walking up hills while carrying heavy items. This showed me the living conditions of most people in Rwanda and how early you start working and helping the family. During our trip to the Akagera National Park, I saw some women working in the rice fields with their babies sleeping in a small pathway between the fields. That gave me a glimpse of the working conditions in Rwanda. During our trip to the reconciliation camp, I saw a couple of people on bicycles hold on to a truck to speed up their travel time while putting in the least effort. This showed me how the people of Rwanda work with their resources and that they work hard and are smart. I am excited to have the long drive to the Sorwathe Tea Plantation and see more of Rwanda and the everyday lives of its people.

Dhriti Patel is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Along with studying for a BSN, she works as a patient care technician (otherwise known as nursing assistant). Her goal is to work as an RN for a couple years and then work towards earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and becoming a nurse practitioner.

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