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UIC Nursing reaffirms commitment to access, equity and inclusivity

In a statement released following recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, officials from the UIC College of Nursing stressed the importance of access, equity and inclusivity in nursing and nursing education.

STATEMENT: “In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. (SFAI) v. President and Fellows of Harvard and SFAI v. University of North Carolina, the UIC College of Nursing reaffirms its commitment to access, equity and inclusivity in higher education.

“We firmly believe that students from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique lived experience, greatly enhance the vibrancy of our academic community and contribute to the generation of knowledge and an outstanding educational experience. Diversity of perspectives is of utmost importance to the nursing profession, particularly in Chicago and the state of Illinois, where the patient population is increasingly more diverse, inclusive of a range of cultural backgrounds, languages spoken, age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and health care needs. A diverse student body enhances the representation and diversity of ideas that are important contributions to our college’s continued success, vitality and overall strength.

“As we navigate the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, we support the formation of the university task force to ensure that our policies and practices comply with the court’s decision. During these challenging times, we stand together to advance and uphold UIC’s mission to provide access to education, research and clinical excellence and our College of Nursing mission of  ‘transform[ing] health and health care for all individuals through community-driven collaborations that promote equity and social justice.’

“Please read the UIC leadership statement and the University of Illinois System statement on the U.S. Supreme Course decision.”


Eileen Collins, PhD, RN, FAAN, ATSF

Rose Hernandez, PhD
Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion

Sarah Fitz, DNP
Chair, UIC Nursing Equity and Inclusion Committee