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Photo of Vincent, Catherine

Catherine Vincent, PhD, RN

Associate Professor Emerita

Department of Human Development Nursing Science



845 S. Damen Ave., MC 802, Chicago, IL 60612


Dr. Catherine (Kate) Vincent is an Associate Professor Emerita in the Department of Human Development Nursing Science and former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the UIC College of Nursing. She joined the faculty in the fall of 2005.

Dr. Vincent’s research addresses the problem of unrelieved children’s pain. Despite advances over the past decade in pain assessment and management, children in the hospital and at home continue to report significant levels of pain intensity. Untreated pain can negatively affect all body systems and children’s response to pain later in life. Dr. Vincent’s long-term goal for her research program is to discover what prevents nurses and parents from providing children with adequate pain medication and then developing and testing interventions aimed to increase children’s pain relief.  In prior research, she examined relationships of nurses' knowledge, attitudes, analgesic administration practices, and levels of children's pain. She studied how nurses cognitively represent children's pain and how these representations could influence behavior. Building on her prior research, she has developed Relieve Children’s Pain (RCP), an Internet-based multimedia educational intervention for nurses addressing the validity of pain intensity measurement and analgesic use.

Dr. Vincent has taught nursing for over 30 years, most recently focused on PhD education while teaching the Theory and Theory Development for Nursing Research course for PhD students at UIC College of Nursing for over 10 years, and serving on 30 PhD dissertation committees (Chair for 13 students), and co-authoring over 30 publications with her doctoral students.

Dr. Vincent had the honor and privilege of serving on the UIC Senate beginning in 2006 including work as the Presiding Officer of the Senate from 2012-2014, and on the Senate Executive Committee (SEC) serving as Chair from 2014-2020. During this time, she oversaw the Senate’s participation in the selection of a new Chancellor (2015), Provost (2016), and the first-ever Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (2016), and represented the UIC Senate during the expansion of the University with the UIC School of Law.