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Photo of Culbert, Gabriel

Gabriel Culbert, PhD, RN

Associate Professor

Department of Population Health Nursing Science


Building & Room:

910 NURS


845 S. Damen Ave., MC 802, Chicago, IL 60612

Office Phone:

(312) 996-1627

CV Download:



Gabriel (Gabe) Culbert is a registered nurse with 20 years of clinical and research experience in community nursing and correctional health care. Before joining the UIC Nursing faculty in 2015, he received a Ph.D. in Nursing Science from UIC and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale School of Medicine. His HIV research draws on nursing and anthropology disciplines to develop and study interventions to promote successful treatment and reduce transmission in populations at risk for HIV, including people who inject drugs and people in prison. Dr. Culbert's research examines clinical care and social and ethical issues influencing the successful, equitable, and sustained delivery of HIV and substance use treatment services to prison inmates, both as a human right and a public health necessity. His research with incarcerated men makes use of qualitative, mixed method, clinical effectiveness, and implementation research designs to develop and evaluate pharmacological and behavioral approaches to HIV treatment and prevention. He has conducted research in prison and post-release settings both domestically and internationally, including in Indonesia where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar and conducts research supported by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. He is the developer of two HIV interventions, including skilled nursing care to increase treatment retention and viral suppression after prison release (K23 DA041988), and Impart, a partner notification intervention led by nurses to increase HIV testing among inmates' sex and drug-injecting partners (R34 MH115779). Dr. Culbert’s research with incarcerated populations in Indonesia informs research with prison populations in other countries where he has studied, including Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, and the U.S.

Dr. Culbert’s research infuses his teaching in the undergraduate and Ph.D. nursing programs where he teaches courses on the social health determinants, research design, grant writing, ethics, and global health. He has mentored junior faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and medical and nursing students at all levels of training in the U.S. and from other countries. His service the Department includes two terms as Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Selected Grants

National Institute on Drug Abuse, Training in Nursing Interventions for HIV and Addiction in Criminal Justice Settings, Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health, IMPART: A Provider-Assisted HIV Partner Notification & Testing Intervention for Prisoners in Indonesia, Principal Investigator

Selected Publications

  1. Culbert, G. J., Levy, J. A., Steffen, A. D., Waluyo, A., Earnshaw, V. A., & Rahadi, A. (2023). Impart: findings from a prison-based model of HIV assisted partner notification in Indonesia. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 26(6), e26132.
  2. Levy, J. A., Earnshaw, V. A., Milanti, A., Waluyo, A., & Culbert, G. J. (2023). A qualitative study of healthcare providers’ attitudes toward assisted partner notification for people with HIV in Indonesia. BMC Health Services Research, 23(1), 71.
  3. Bazazi, A. R., Culbert, G. J., Wegman, M. P., Heimer, R., Kamarulzaman, A., & Altice, F. L. (2022). Impact of prerelease methadone on mortality among people with HIV and opioid use disorder after prison release: results from a randomized and participant choice open-label trial in Malaysia. BMC Infectious Diseases, 22(1), 837.
  4. Waluyo, A., Mansyur, M., Earnshaw, V. A., Steffen, A., Herawati, T., Maria, R., & Culbert, G. J. (2022). Exploring HIV stigma among future healthcare providers in Indonesia. AIDS Care, 34(1), 29-38.
  5. Lopez, K. D., Cravero, C., Krishnan, A., Carvalho de Sousa Freire, V. E., & Culbert, G. J. (2021). Feasibility of a mHealth survey application for incarcerated and postrelease people living with HIV in a low-resource setting. Research in Nursing & Health, 44(1), 201-212.
  6. Meyer, J. P., Culbert, G. J., Azbel, L., Bachireddy, C., Kurmanalieva, A., Rhodes, T., & Altice, F. L. (2020). A qualitative study of diphenhydramine injection in Kyrgyz prisons and implications for harm reduction. Harm Reduction Journal, 17(1), 86.
  7. Culbert, G. J., Waluyo, A., Wang, M., Putri, T. A., Bazazi, A. R., & Altice, F. L. (2019). Adherence to antiretroviral therapy among incarcerated persons with HIV: associations with methadone and perceived safety. AIDS and Behavior, 23(8), 2048-2058.
  8. Culbert, G. J., Earnshaw, V. A., & Levy, J. A. (2019). Ethical challenges of HIV partner notification in prisons. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, 18, 2325958219880582.
  9. Culbert, G. J., Crawford, F. W., Murni, A., Waluyo, A., Bazazi, A. R., Sahar, J., & Altice, F. L. (2017). Predictors of mortality within prison and after release among persons living with HIV in Indonesia. Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, 8, 25-35.
  10. Culbert, G. J., Pillai, V., Bick, J., Al-Darraji, H. A., Wickersham, J. A., Wegman, M. P., Bazazi, A. R., Ferro, E., Copenhaver, M., Kamarulzaman, A., & Altice, F. L. (2016). Confronting the HIV, tuberculosis, addiction, and incarceration syndemic in Southeast Asia: Lessons learned from Malaysia. Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, 11(3), 446-455.
  11. Culbert, G. J., Waluyo, A., Iriyanti, M., Muchransyah, A. P., Kamarulzaman, A., & Altice, F. L. (2015). Within-prison drug injection among HIV-infected male prisoners in Indonesia: a highly constrained choice. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 149, 71-79.
  12. Culbert, G. J. (2014). Violence and the perceived risks of taking antiretroviral therapy in US jails and prisons. International Journal of Prisoner Health, 10(2), 94-110.


Postdoctoral Fellowship (2013-15), Yale School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases

Ph.D. in Nursing Science (2012), University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2004), University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

B.A. in Anthropology (1998), University of Chicago

Licensures and Certifications

Registered Nurse, State of Illinois (2004-present)