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Photo of Halloway, Shannon

Shannon Halloway, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA

Associate Professor

Heung Soo & Mi Ja Kim Endowed Faculty Scholar

Department of Biobehavioral Nursing Science

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Building & Room:

College of Nursing


845 S Damen


Dr. Halloway’s scholarship focuses on promoting the benefits of lifestyle physical activity for cardiovascular and brain health through research and policy. She is nationally-recognized for her expertise and has led numerous NIH and other interdisciplinary-funded studies centered on realistic and tailored health behavior strategies to prevent cognitive impairment in older adults who experience disparities in risk/treatment. Dr. Halloway was among the first to show positive effects of physical activity on brain gray matter. She now leads an NIH-funded trial to test synergistic/combined effects of two behavioral interventions (physical activity and cognitive training) on brain health in women with cardiovascular disease. To ensure broad interdisciplinary dissemination of findings, Dr. Halloway presents her work in both traditional venues (publications/presentations/policy briefs) and media outlets (the Hill, HuffPost, AARP, podcasts). This two-pronged approach has vastly expanded the reach of her research findings beyond the scientific community, reaching an estimated 200 million readers/listeners. Dr. Halloway received her BSN from Pacific Lutheran University, and her PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowship from Rush University College of Nursing.

Selected Grants

NIH/NINR, Lifestyle Physical Activity and Cognitive Training Interventions: Preventing Memory Loss in Older Women with Cardiovascular Disease, PI

NIH/NIA, Impact of COVID-19 on AD Occurrence: A Biracial Intergenerational Population Study, Co-I

Rush University President's Collaborative Research Award, Health Behavior Profiles and Cognitive Health in Older Adults: A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Approach to Tailor Sustainable Lifestyle Interventions, MPI

Selected Publications

Halloway, S., Desai, P., Beck, T., Aggarwal, N., Agarwal, P., Evans, D., Rajan, K., & Chicago Health and Aging Project. (2022). Association of neurofilament light with the development and severity of Parkinson’s Disease. Neurology, 10.1212/WNL.0000000000200338.

Halloway, S., Dhana, K., Desai, P., Agarwal, P., Holland, T., Aggarwal, N. T., Evers, J., Sacks, F. M., Carey, V. J., & Barnes, L. L. (2021). Free-living standing activity as assessed by seismic accelerometers and cognitive function in community-dwelling older adults: The MIND trial. The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences, 76(11), 1981–1987.

Crane, M. M., Halloway, S., Walts, Z. L., Gavin, K. L., Moss, A., Westrick, J. C., & Appelhans, B. M. (2021). Behavioural interventions for CVD risk reduction for blue-collar workers: A systematic review. J Epidemiol Community Health.

Garland, M., Wilbur, J., Fogg, L., Halloway, S., Braun, L., & Miller, A. (2021). Self-Efficacy, outcome expectations, group social support, and adherence to physical activity in African American women. Nursing Research, 70(4), 239–247.

Halloway, S., Schoeny, M. E., Barnes, L. L., Arvanitakis, Z., Pressler, S. J., Braun, L. T., Volgman, A. S., Gamboa, C., & Wilbur, J. (2020). A study protocol for MindMoves: A lifestyle physical activity and cognitive training intervention to prevent cognitive impairment in older women with cardiovascular disease. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 106254.

Halloway, S., Wilbur, J., Braun, L. T., Schoeny, M. E., & Volgman, A. S. (2020). The feasibility of a combined lifestyle physical activity and cognitive training intervention to prevent cognitive impairment in older women with cardiovascular disease. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 1–6.

Buchholz, S. W., Wilbur, J., Halloway, S., Schoeny, M., Johnson, T., Vispute, S., & Kitsiou, S. (2019). Study protocol for a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) to improve physical activity in employed women. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 105921. doi:S1551-7144(19)30637-8 [pii]

Halloway, S., Schoeny, M. E., Wilbur, J., & Barnes, L. L. (2019). Interactive effects of physical activity and cognitive activity on cognition in older adults without mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Journal of Aging and Health.

Halloway, S., Arfanakis, K., Wilbur, J., Schoeny, M. E., & Pressler, S. J. (2018). Accelerometer physical activity is associated with greater gray matter volumes in older adults without dementia or mild cognitive impairment. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

Wilbur, J., Miller, A. M., Buchholz, S. W., Fogg, L. F., Braun, L. T., Halloway, S., & Schoeny, M. E. (2017). African-American women’s long-term maintenance of physical activity following a randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Health Behavior, 41(4), 484–496.

Halloway, S., Wilbur, J., Schoeny, M. E., & Barnes, L. (2017). The relation between physical activity and cognitive change in older Latinos. Biological Research for Nursing.