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Photo of Vonderheid, Susan C.

Susan C. Vonderheid, PhD, RN

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Human Development Nursing Science

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Building & Room:

626 NURS


845 S. Damen Ave., MC 802, Chicago, IL 60612

Office Phone:




Dr. Susan Vonderheid, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UIC College of Nursing in the Department of Human Development Nursing Science and the Director Nursing Research and facilitator of the Nurse Residency Program at the University of Illinois Health and Hospital System (UI Health). Her primary interests include the development and evaluation of interventions that improve the quality and effectiveness of care to reduce health disparities and costs with a focus on low-income ethnic minority women and their children. Her clinical background in neonatal and pediatric nursing and close collaboration with women’s health clinicians, and administrators inform her research. As PI and Co-I, Dr. Vonderheid has received external funding from HRSA-Maternal Child Health Bureau, NICHD, the March of Dimes and Delta Dental Illinois.

At UIC College of Nursing, she teaches evidence-based practice courses and mentors graduate students to complete their DNP and PhD studies. She also works with undergraduate students completing independent studies focused on research methods and Honor College students' evidence-based practice and research projects. At UI Health, Dr. Vonderheid supports nurses with scholarly activities including project development and evaluation, research protocol design, the IRB process, presentation, and publication. At UI Health and other Chicago-area hospitals, she collaborates with nurses at all levels to develop research and other projects aimed at achieving organizational goals. Passionate about the well-being of the frontline nursing workforce, Dr. Vonderheid also led the development of a monthly nurse wellness seminar series that will be expanded to all health care professionals. Dr. Vonderheid has also published numerous papers and presented at numerous professional local through international conferences.

Selected Publications

* Faculty Mentor, **Faculty Practice/Consultant Mentor, ± Senior Author

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