Student Success Program

This program provides academic support services for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Peer Tutoring

We offer free tutoring for many classes at both the bachelor and graduate levels. The tutors are current UIC students who excel in their programs and are able to dedicate time to tutoring others. Tutoring can be face to face, over the phone, through Skype or email and may be accessed by students at all campuses.

Use the link below to request a tutoring session. You will be asked to log in with your standard UIC credentials. If you do not receive a response within two business days, please email Lynn Ortiz.

Peer Mentoring

This program is currently available to our Chicago BSN students. We have senior BSN students who volunteer to serve as Peer Mentors during their senior year to the incoming junior BSN students. The purpose is for junior students to have guidance and support from a person who just completed the academic year that they are embarking on. Mentors are there for advice, to be an ear to listen and to help make connections between the two classes.

Open Lab Time

Our Clinical Learning Resource Center is located in the lower level of the College of Nursing and is available to you throughout the week for unstructured lab time. If you would like to have more time practicing skills outside of your assigned lab time, please sign up for a time or email Lynn Ortiz to set up a time. Think about getting a group of your peers together and come to the lab!

CLRC & Student Success Program Information Course Site

All prelicensure students across campuses are added to our Blackboard course site. Here you will find more information about our programs, events, study strategies and university resources. If you are enrolled in this course, please take some time to review this content available to you!