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Student Success Coordinators

Student Success Coordinators (SSC) collaborate with faculty to support students identified as requiring additional assistance for course-specific academic success. Meeting with a SSC is a positive step in achieving academic success. Any student who feels they need additional support may also directly reach out to their Student Success Coordinator for assistance and resources.

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Who can SSCs help?

All UIC College of Nursing students.

How do SSCs help students?

SSCs meet with students to identify barriers to success and opportunities for improvement, to set goals and objectives, and recommend strategies and/or needed resources for meeting student goals and objectives. The SSC can assist students with time management, prioritization, study skills, reading, test-taking skills, and critical thinking/clinical judgement skills. Student progress and participation will be tracked.

Who might benefit from meeting with a SSC?

Students who experience test anxiety, struggle during exams, frequently miss assignment deadlines, procrastinate to complete assignments, have lost motivation and who would benefit from being connected with university resources, accountability support, and strengthen skills that include: studying, test-taking, time-management, reading, critical thinking/clinical judgement.

How a student is connected with a SSC?

When a faculty member identifies a student requiring additional support for academic success, a Course Success Plan is created by the faculty member and student. The student should contact the campus-specific SSC to set up an appointment to review the Course Success Plan with the SSC. Students can also directly contact campus-designated SSC for assistance and resources.

Does every regional campus have a designated SSC?

Yes, each regional campus has a SSC. See the SSC profiles to determine who to contact.

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