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Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago Collection

An inventory of papers at the Midwest Nursing History Research Center, College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Overview of the Collection
Repository: MNHRC, CON, University of Illinois at Chicago
Creator: Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago
Title: Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago Collection
Dates: 1888-2000
Quantity: 8 linear feet
Identification: VNA-C
Language: The records are in English.

Biographical Sketch

The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Chicago was founded in 1889 to supply nursing services to patients unable to afford private nursing care. Jane Adams was a charter member of the Association. By 1894 the staff had grown to 12 nurses who were assigned to all parts of the city. They cared for patients suffering from multiple diseases including tuberculosis, smallpox, and polio, as well as giving maternity and chronic disease care. The VNA was an early provider of school nursing, industrial nursing, and social services. Following decades of expanding services the VNA closed in 1995 following increasing competition from the home health care industry. Their work continues through grants given through the VNA Chicago Foundation.

Scope and Contents

The Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago Collection contains Annual Reports from 1889 through 1989, VNA nurse instruction manuals from 1914-1919, publicity and patient education materials, centennial materials, and self-reviews.  There is also a large collection of photographs and slides. These are mainly from the 1960s to 1990s but there are some earlier images.

Some items may be restricted.

Acquisition Information

The VNA of Chicago Foundation donated these items to the MNHRC in 2014.

Box 1

Folder 1: History of VNA 1990 Jeanne Jellema

Folder 2: Minutes Annual meeting Jan. 4 1911, Minutes of monthly meetings of February, March, April, May, June, July, August, October, May 1912, and April 1912.

Folder 3: Copy of contents of folder 2, above

Folder 4: Board of Directors’ Meeting minutes 1891 (copy)

Folder 5: Edna L. Foley, Visiting Nurse Manuals, 1914, 1915 (2), 1919 (2).

Folder 6: VNA Committee of prevention of tb 1903

Folder 7: Two pages of report re. tb and VNA. nd 1900??

Folder 8: Copies of correspondence related to pre-VNA history;  Newspaper article Mrs. J. Houghteling. nd—about 1900; 1935 Newspaper article on Edna Foley; letter from Foley 1933

Folder 9: Augusta Memorial Visiting Nurses, Annual Report, Chicago, 1888

Folder 10:  Annual Reports 1896, 1904

Folder 11:  Annual Reports 1911-1913

Folder 12:  Annual Reports 1914-1916

Folder 13:  Annual Reports 1917-1919

Folder 14:  Annual Reports 1920-1922

Folder 15:  Annual Reports 1923, 1925, 1926

Folder 16:  Annual Reports 1927-1929

Folder 17:  Annual Reports 1930-1932

Folder 18:  Annual Reports 1933-1935

Folder 19:  Annual Reports 1936-1938

Folder 20:  Annual Reports 1939-1943, plus Superintendent’s Report “50 Years of Service” 1940

Folder 21:  Annual Reports 1944-1949

Folder 22:  Annual Reports 1950-1952

Folder 23:  Annual Reports 1953- 1956

Folder 24:  Annual Reports 1957-1960

Folder 25:  Annual Reports 1961-1964

Folder 26:  Annual Reports 1965-1967

Folder 27:  Annual Reports 1968-1971

Folder 28:  Annual Reports 1972-1976

Folder 29:  Annual Reports 1977-1980

Folder 30:  Annual Reports 1981-1984

Folder 31:  Annual Reports 1985-1987

Folder 32:  Annual Reports 1988, 1989, 1990/91, 1991/92, 1993, 1994

Bound volumes of Annual Reports: 1889-1906, 1902-1905, 1907-1914, 1915-1924, 1916-1924, 1925-1934, 1925-1935, 1935-1940, 1941-1950, 1951-1958, 1959-1969.

Folder 33: VNA Newsletter—Doorways. 1972 to 1989 Incomplete

Folder 34: “Rules of the VNA” 1894 and date unknown

Folder 35: Report of the Committee to Study Visiting Nursing NOPHN 1924

Folder 36: VNA Henry Street Settlement New York Bulletin of Instruction 1925; VN Society of Philadelphia Nursing Manual 1931

Folder 37: Book of Reprints and pamphlets 1920s-1930s

Folder 38: Staff bulletins, “Look up calls,” and “Chronic Patients.” Edna Foley. 1935

Folder 39: Robertson, Helen. Memories of St. Luke’s 1946

Folder 40: Copy of articles of incorporation, 1890

Folder 41: Ribbon and program, 1908 VNA conference, Chicago

Box 2

Folder 1: VNA 66th Anniversary brochure 1955

Folder 2: Invitation to the VNA 75th Anniversary Luncheon, May 21, 1964, at Palmer House in Chicago

Folder 3: VNA 75th booklet 1964

Folder 4: Planning materials and report of 75th Anniversary

Folder 5: History written for 80th Anniversary, 1969

Folder 6: Planning materials 85th Anniversary 1973/1974

Folder 7: 85th Anniversary display at Chicago Historical Society—information re. uniforms and hats

Folder 8: VNA display at Chicago Historical Society 1974

Folder 9: Chicago Historical Society, guide for use of photographs

Folder 10: Report 85th Anniversary

Folder 11: Historical highlights, written before 85th Anniversary (typewritten documents)

Folder 12: Response to Chicago Tribune re. publicity of VNA 1974

Folder 13: 85th Anniversary program. 1974

Folder 14: Chicago Historical Society Annual Report 1973/74. Photo of exhibit of the VNA

Folder 15: Histories of VNA, written around 1960s and 1970s

Folder 16: Tuberculosis Institute of Chicago “The challenge.” April 1964. Salute to VNA

Folder 17: Records of donation to the Chicago Historical Society

Folder 18: Chicago Historical Society Research Gallery Exhibit 1989-1990

Folder 19: VNA historic uniform loan records. 1970s

Folder: 20: Patients’ stories, 1920 – 1970s. From annual reports and district office reports

Folder 21: VNA District Offices. Histories and events

Folder 22: Planning 100 Anniversary 1989

Folder 23: 100th Anniversary booklet. 1989

Folder 24: Report 100th Anniversary; newspaper articles

Folder 25: VNA recruitment pamphlets. 1933-1980s/1990s. All nd except 1933

Folder 26: VNA staff memos 1966

Folder 27: VNA staff memos 1967

Folder 28: VNA staff memos 1968

Folder 29: VNA staff memos 1969

Folder 30: VNA staff memos 1970

Folder 31: VNA staff memos 1971

Folder 32: VNA staff memos 1972

Folder 33: VNA staff memos 1973

Folder 34: VNA staff memos 1974

Folder 35: VNA staff memos 1975

Folder 36: VNA staff memos 1976

Folder 37: Pool lectures 1924/25. Materials planning these lectures in memory of one of the VNA Directors. Correspondence between Edna Foley and lecturers/others, including Dr. Richard Cabot

Folder 38: VNA Coordinated Home Care Program, 1960s

Folder 39: Newspaper clippings 1960s – 1990s

Folder 40: VNA-C annual meeting programs, 1971 and 1972

Folder 41: Misc. reprints

Folder 42: Personnel and uniform policies 1973

Folder 43: Notebook containing the script and some responses of a survey on the VNA of Chicago, 1977

Folder 44: Proposals and report re. infant/child work. 1980s

Folder 45: Service Awards 1981-1984

Folder 46: Statistics on fees and number of visits by VNA, July, 1985; paperflow tracking analysis 1993

Folder 47: Correspondence 1980s and 1990s

Folder 48: Staff Newsletters, 1981, 1983, 1985

Folder: 49: Press releases, 1982, 1993

Folder 50: Report 1987

Folder 51: VNA – C and VNA Ventures 1991

Folder 52: VNA-C Executive Committee minutes and reports, 1991

Folder 53: Chicago AIDS plan, 1991

Folder 54: VNAC CORE Report 1990

Folder 55: VNAC CORE Report 1990, contd.

Folder 56: Operational improvement review, 1993

Folder 57: VNAC Agency evaluation, 1994

Folder 58: VNAC Assessment, 1994

Folder 59: VNA Foundation Reports, 1997-2000

Box 3

Folder 1: Nutrition

Guide to good eating, English and Spanish 1982

Healthy eating for your recovery 1980

Junk food blues 1978

Food for thought 1978

Meal planning for young children 1979

New dimensions in nutrition 1980

Folder 2: Cardiovascular

High blood pressure 1985

Blacks and high blood pressure 1982

Questions about salt, weight, and high blood pressure 1984

Your sodium intake nd

Living with angina 1979

Anti-coagulants physician and you 1964

Folder 3: Diabetes

Managing your diabetes 1983

Controlando su diabetes 1982

Patient self-test (diabetes) 1981

Managing diabetes at home 1981

Seleccion del punto y rotacion 1982

Dining out made simple nd

Answers to questions about sick days nd

Drawing and injecting insulin 1981 (English and Spanish)

Y la diabetes nd

Self blood glucose monitoring 1983

Self urine testing for sugar nd

Self urine testing for ketones 1983

Diabetic exchange list 1982

Home urine testing for the diabetic 1980

Folder 4: Pregnancy and child care

Examen fisico femenino para uso de anticonceptivos 1977

Conociendo A su Recien Nacido 1978

Your baby becomes a toddler 1982

Delivery and beyond 1981

Feeding your baby prosobee 1980

Ear infections and respiratory infections—nd

Burn prevention for one and two year olds 1976

Premature labor 1983

A manual for home monitoring 1982 (SIDS)

What everyone should know about fetal alcohol effects 1983

At home with a monitor 1980 (SIDS)

A guide for parents. Lacto-ovo-vegitarian diet for children nd

Babies don’t thrive in smoke-filled wombs1984

Will my drinking hurt my baby?1984

Feeding baby nd

A parent’s guide to childhood illness nd

Childhood diseases nd

Keep your child from choking 1978

Alcohol and your unborn baby 1979

Infant care nd

Folder 5: Cancer

Radiation therapy and you 1982

Chemotherapy and you 1982

Understanding chemotherapy nd

Understanding radiation therapy nd

Help yourself. Tips for teenagers with cancer 1983

Sun hazards and sun sense 1981

Folder 6: Other

About Alzheimer’s disease 1986

Understanding and living with Alzheimer’s disease 1993

First aid for burns 1975

What everyone should know about kidneys and kidney diseases 1978

Understanding and managing scleroderma 1985

Learning to live with osteoarthritis 1984

Ten heavy facts about sex 1975

Early learning fun 1976

Medical information series Gout 1982

General ROM exercises English and Spanish nd

Instructions for home tracheostomy care 1982

Instrucciones para el cuidado de la traqueotomia en casa nd

All about Jimmy and his friend An ostomy coloring book 1973

The law can help you Information for women 1978

How to get help if you are paralyzed 1975

Premenstrual syndrome  1984

Using medicine at home nd

CPR 3rd. Ed. 1991

VNA library cards

Folder 7: Manual for home health aide, infection control 1993

Folder 8: VNA Chicago Patient procedure manual. A manual for care in the home 1985

Folder 9: Visiting Nurse Associations of America Nursing procedure manual 1990

Folder 10: VNA advertising pamphlets. Nd. Appear to be from 1930s-1980

Folder11: VNA Christmas cards/ note cards. Nd

Folder 13: VNA historic uniform loan records. 1970s

Folder14: Income statement 1993

Folder 15: Report: Casting Chicago’s Safety Net. c. 2002; conf. “Mapping healthcare in the Chicago region. 2008

Folder 16: Thank you cards and letters 1990s

Box 4

Folder 1: VNAC Care manager course, 1994

Folder 2: Quality management and education correspondence, 1-3/1994

Folder 3: Quality management and education correspondence, 4-5/1994

Folder 4: Quality management and education correspondence, 6-7/1994

Folder 5: Quality management and education correspondence, 8-12/1994

Box 5

Folder 1: VNA photograph slides, mixed, nd (some 1967)

Folder 2: VNA photograph slides, 1966-1967

Folder 3: VNA photograph slides, 1968

Folder 4: VNA photograph slides, 1968 (contd.)

Folder 5: VNA photograph slides, 1970

Folder 6: VNA photograph slides, 1971

Folder 7: VNA photograph slides, 1971 (contd.)

Folder 8: VNA photograph slides, 1972; Slides of 1890s images, 1974

Folder 9: VNA photograph slides, 1975

Folder 10: VNA photograph slides, 1976. “Welcome to our home.”

Folder 11: VNA photograph slides, home care 1980s

Folder 12: photograph consent forms, 1967-1979

Folder 13: media in-service: failure to thrive cassette tapes and transcript

Misc. slides

Dictaphone foot control and transcription sound set,

“Welcome to our home” cassette tape

Camera in case—nd

Data tape: Elderly patient satisfaction study. 1981

Box 6–Photographs

Folder 1: 1880s – 1900. Some are from Chicago Historical Society collection

Folder 2: 1890s negatives

Folder 3: 1900 – 1920s

Folder 4: 1940s

Folder 5: Ludvig Hektoen 1928

Folder 6: 1950s

Folder 7: 1950s contd.

Folder 8: 1950s-1960s. Occupational therapy

Folder 9: 1960s

Folder 10: 1969 80th Anniversary

Folder 11: Anna Lobbes

Folder 12: 1961 Annual Report

Folder 13: 1960s. Giving injections

Folder 14: Board members 1960s

Folder 15: Pediatric patients 1960s

Folder 16: Pediatric patients 1960s, contd.

Folder 17: Physical therapy. 1960s

Folder 18: Patients 1960s

Folder 19: Hospital scenes. 1960s

Box 7–Photographs

Folder 1: VNA Events and Board members 1960s

Folder 2: VNA Stations/District Offices 1960s

Folder 3: Negatives, 1962 Annual Report

Folder 4: 1965 Mrs. Cyrus Adams

Folder 5: 1965 Exhibit American National Bank Building

Folder 6: APHA Meeting Chicago 1965

Folder 7: 1966 Ruth Driskell

Folder 8: Open House 1967

Folder 9: Annual meeting 1967

Folder 10: Dressings and wound care 1960s and 1970s

Folder 11: Maternal child 1960s

Folder 12: VNA nurses external scenes 1960s and 1970s

Folder 13: VNA nurses external scenes 1960s and 1970s contd.

Folder 14: Photographs 1960s and 1970s

Folder 15: Pediatric physical therapy 1960s and 1970s

Folder 16: Patient teaching 1960s and 1970s

Folder 17: Speech therapy 1960s and 1970s

Folder 18: Staff Offices 1960s and 1970s

Box 8–Photographs

Folder 1: Proof sheets and negatives, uniforms and bags

Folder 2: Proof sheets and negatives, 1960s and 1970s Photographer Van Dorn

Folder 3: VNA staff with patients 1970s and 1980s

Folder 4: Adult rehabilitation 1970s

Folder 5: Margaret Ahern

Folder 6: Maternal child 1970s

Folder 7: Pediatric patients 1970s

Folder 8: Older adult rehabilitation 1970s

Folder 9: Homecare 1970s

Folder 10: Homecare 1970s contd.

Folder 11: Proof sheets and negatives, 1976

Folder 12: Awards and recognition 1970s to 1980s

Folder 13: VNA publicity 1970s and 1980s

Folder 14: Proof sheets and negatives, nurses at bedside 1970s and 1980s

Folder 15: Proof sheets in office and home, 1970s and 1980s

Box 9–Photographs

Folder 1: Centennial committee 1980s

Folder 2: Annual report pictures 1980s

Folder 3: Photographic negatives 1970s and 1980s

Folder 4: VNA staff 1970s and 1980s

Folder 5: Nd office

Folder 6: Seabury (station?) 1980s

Folder 7: Staff 1980s

Folder 8: VNA in home 1980s

Folder 9: VNA in home 1980s contd.

Folder 10: VNA Home and Offices 1980s

Folder 11: Staff recognition 1987

Folder 12: Spring event 1983

Folder 13: VNA meetings 1980s

Folder 14: Management and directors 1980s

Folder 15: U of Chicago Reception 1989

Folder 16: Centennial event 1989

Box 10–Photographs

Folder 1: Centennial event 1989 contd.

Folder 2: Proofs. Patients and families 1980s

Folder 3: Proofs 1988 Annual Report

Folder 4: Proofs and negatives Office and staff 1980s and 1990s

Folder 5: Proofs 1980s

Folder 6: Recruitment negatives and proofs 1988-1991

Folder 7: 1987 New office

Folder 8: Pictures and proofs, VNA staff, 1980s and 1990s

Folder 9: VNA negatives and proofs 1990 Annual Report

Folder 10: Proofs and photographs Annual Report 1991-92

Folder 11: Proofs and negatives Annual meeting 1992

Folder 12: VNA Fund raiser at Crate and Barrel. nd

Folder 13: Community affairs, 1990, Proofs and photographs

Folder 14: Home Health fair, December 1990

Folder 15: Lincoln Park June 5 K race 1991

Folder 16: VNA in Home 1990s

Box 11—Photographs and media

Folder 1: 1992 Annual Meeting

Folder 2: Elmhurst opening 1993

Folder 3: Administering ‘flu shots 1993

Folder 4: Officers and Board 1993

Folder 5: Pictures and proofs, VNA Exhibits 1999

Folder 6: VNA Offices 122 South Michigan 1999

Folder 7: Proofs Recruitment brochure 1990

Folder 8: Proofs for exhibits and brochure 1993-1994

Folder 9: VNA/ military photograph nd

Folder 10: Oversize photographs—1960s nurses with patients; staff picture May 1964


Film (reel to reel) of unknown content, Oct, 1984

Silent film (reel to reel) and script “Poliomyelitis After-Care in the Home” (nd)

Document of the sale of the operating assets of the Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago to QV, Inc., an Affiliate of the University of Chicago Hospitals and Health System, September 8, 1995

4 VNA Hat badges

In MNHRC Library:

Smith, F. R. (1921). Manners and conduct in school and out. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

NA (1936, rev. 1942). Solutions. How to prepare and use them (16th. Ed.) . New York: Lakeside.

Rice, E.M. (Ed). (1943). If I forget. New York: Lakeside.

In MNHRC Museum:

Fourteen framed 19” by 31” images of visiting nurses with patients

Four foam board images, 45” by 36”, of visiting nurses with patients

Four dioramas of visiting nurses, two showing 1970s scenes, two showing 1890s scenes

Ceramic picture,  34” x 9.5”, showing medieval patients and their caregivers.

Framed VNA nurse image—appears to be a printer’s engraving. 13” x 18”.

Annual Reports in bound volumes: 1889-1906, 1902-1905, 1907-1914, 1915-1924, 1916-1924, 1925-1934, 1925-1935, 1935-1940, 1941-1950, 1951-1958, 1959-1969.