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Nursing Education


An inventory of papers at the Midwest Nursing History Research Center, College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Overview of the Collection
Repository: MNHRC, CON, University of Illinois at Chicago
Title: Nursing Education Small Collection
Dates: 1934-1980
Quantity: 1.8 linear feet
Identification: NESC
Language: English.

Scope and Contents

This diverse small collection includes items related to nurse recruitment and education. It includes reports and data from professional organizations and studies, nursing lecture notes, as well as scripts from the 1940s which aim to recruit women to nursing.

Box 1

Folder 1:  The International Council of Nurses – The Basic Education of the Professional Nurse, 1934 (with amendments from 1938 and 1949)

Folder 2:  History of Nursing Pageant Program ICN London, 1937

Folder 3: McManus, L. Study Guide on Evaluation. NLNE, 1944

Folder 4:  Lecture Notes: Relationship of Nurse Anesthetists to Hospital Nursing Department 1945

Folder 5:   Lecture Notes:  Psychiatric Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing 1940s

Folder 6: Nursing Education in War Time, Series of 14 Bulletins, 1942-1945. NLNE

Folder 7:  Chicago League of Nursing Education, Pageant   1947

Folder 8:  Modern Industrial Plant Medical Unit. No date. Play?

Folder 9: Radio Script: “That Men May Live”   1947

Folder 10:   Bibliography: Social and Health Aspects of Nursing in the Basic Curriculum 1948

Folder 11: Bibliography on Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Hygiene, NLNE 1949

Folder 12: Handbook on the structure of organized nursing. Committee on structure of national nursing organizations, 1949

Folder 13:   Bibliography on Curriculum, NLNE 1950

Folder 14:   Practical Nurses in Nursing Services, 1951

Folder 15:   Nurse Faculty study, NLN, 1953

Folder 16:   International Conference on the Planning of Nursing Studies, Florence Nightingale International Foundation, 1956

Folder 17:  Guidance and Counseling Perspectives for Hospital Schools of Nursing, NLN   1958

Folder 18: Curriculum guides from the ANA and NLN, 1950s – 1960s

Folder 19:  Nurse Education in junior and community colleges, 1956

Folder 20:  Approved schools for nurse anesthetists. AANA 1960

Folder 21: Education for practical nursing, NLN 1960; pamphlets on practical nursing—1947 & 1968. ANA Statement of functions of the licensed practical nurse, 1964.

Folder 22: Challenge of changing horizons, NYSLN, 1960; Mullane, M.K., Future of Professional Nursing Education, ANA, 1964; McManus, L. Open letter, NYSNA, 1959; American Red Cross nursing pamphlet, 1956

Box 2:

Folder 1: Papers presented at the 1960 ANA Conference:  Social Legislation and Nursing Practice, Social Changes Affecting Healthcare, Malignancies, Continuing Development of the Professional Nurse, Clarification of Functions of the Professional Nurse and Allied Personnel, Legal Implications for Nurses

Folder 2: Diller, D. An investigation of cancer learning in selected schools of nursing. 1960.

Folder 3: Studies in Nursing and Nursing Education – Career Decisions and Professional Expectations of Nursing Students, 1961

Folder 4: Your career opportunities in nursing, 1962

Folder 5:  Functions, Standards and Qualifications for Practice for Educational Administrators and Teachers, 1963

Folder 6:  Medical Surgical Nursing Syllabus, 1963

Folder 7: Educational Materials for Neonatal and Infant Care, 1963

Folder 8: Inventory of professional registered nurses, ANA, 1965

Folder 9: ANA 1965 Position Statement on Nursing Education

Folder 10: ANA Report to members, 1966 – 1968

Folder 11: ANA Standards and Code, 1960s – 1970s

Folder 12: Hospitals and Nursing Homes   1960s

Folder 13:   Conference proceeding’s, National conference for professional Nurses and Physicians, 1964, 1965, 1967

Folder 14: Nurses’ Aides, ANA statement and pamphlet, 1960s

Box 3:

Folder 1: Agency members, Council of Diploma Programs, 1967

Folder 2: Nursing pamphlets: men in nursing (1967); Christian nursing (nd), NLN data on nursing shortage, 1967

Folder 3:  Nursing in Illinois – An Assessment and Plan, Illinois Study Commission on Nursing, 1968

Folder 4: Mullane, M.K. Study Commission Charges Nursing: Resolve 5 Major Issues by 1980, 1968

Folder 5: Diploma programs, NLN, 1969

Folder 6: Schools of Nursing, ANA-NLN. 1968

Folder 7: Inventory of RNs, ANA, 1969

Folder 8: Community planning for nursing education, ANA, 1968

Folder 9: Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Study, Nursing and PH. 1969

Folder 10:  Nursing Papers from the Psychiatric Nursing Conferences, Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, 1968, 1969, 1970

Folder 11:  Proposal for Development of Nursing Resources in Illinois, INA, 1970

Folder 12:  National Commission for Study of Nursing and Nursing Education – “Abstracts for Action” 1970s

Folder 13:  Educational Materials for Neonatal and Infant Care, 1972

Folder 14:  International Directory of Nurses with Doctoral Degrees, ANA, 1973

Folder 15: Midwest Directory of Resources for Graduate Education in Nursing, 1976

Box 4:

Study of Resources for Doctoral Education in Midwest 1976 (2)

Folder 1:  Educational Materials for Neonatal and Infant Care, 1978

Folder 2: Directory of Nurses with Doctoral Degrees, ANA, 1980

Folder 3:  Midwest Directory of Resources for Graduate Education in Nursing, 1980

Map Case   Common Skin Diseases, Cervical Pathology and Eye, Ear and Throat  1954

Misc. Box 5:

Life Magazine, Jan. 1, 1938. Student Nurses on cover