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SM. Collections Schools of Nursing

Small Collections: Schools of Nursing

An inventory of papers at the Midwest Nursing History Research Center, College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago

Overview of the Collection
Repository: MNHRC, CON, University of Illinois at Chicago
Creator: Ephemera and documents from various schools of nursing
Title: Small collections: Schools of Nursing
Dates: 1920s-1990s
Quantity: 2 linear feet
Identification: SON
Language: English.


1920s to 1990s. Brochures, catalogs, histories, and yearbooks from various schools of nursing, mostly in the Midwest.

Some items may be restricted.

Acquisition Information

Many of these items were donated to the MNHRC in the early 1980s following a survey of potential sources of historic nursing documents.

2 linear feet

Box 1


Folder 1: History of the Florida Nurses’ Association. 1909-1989

Illinois – Chicago

Alexian Brothers Hospital

Folder 2: Historical information

Folder 3: Illinois Conference of Catholic Schools of Nursing Meeting

Folder 4: School of Nursing pamphlets

Folder 5: American Assembly for Men in Nursing membership application

Folder 6: Commencement announcements: 1940-1943; 1951, 1969

Folder 7: Newspaper clippings 1926-1953

Folder 8: Journal articles re: historical information and men in nursing 1942-1976

Folder 9: Alexian Brothers Archives Newsletter January 1983 – June 1987

Folder 10: Yearbooks: 1951, 1953-1960m 1962-1968

Folder 11: Student Manuals: 1949, 1951, 1956, 1960,1964

Folder 12: Student Bulletins: 1954-1956, 1956-1958, 1958-1960, 1960-1962, 1962-1964

Augustana Hospital Training School for Nurses, Chicago (Contd. in box 2)

Folder 13: Yearbook 1925

Folder 14: Diploma 1927

Folder 15: Class “prophecy.” 1959

Box 2

Augustana Hospital Training School for Nurses, Chicago

Folder 1: Yearbooks 1962, 1963, 1964

Chicago Lying-In Hospital

Folder 2: 50th Anniversary dinner 1945

Chicago School of Nursing—see small collections

Children’s Memorial Hospital

Folder 4: Clipping 1982 Chicago Tribune; Clipping 1997 Chicago Tribune

Folder 5: Nursing Procedure Manual Rev.1957

Cook County School of Nursing

Course Announcement 1969-1970 (2)

Reglin, M.E. A history of the Cook County School of nursing, 1929-1949. MA thesis. 1952

Faculty list. 1960

The Lamp yearbook, 1931

School song—the Alma Mater

Folder 6: Correspondence from Ada Crocker to incoming student. Sept. 9 1937

Franklin Boulevard Hospital

Folder 6: Nurse photographs 1938

Holy Cross Hospital

Folder 7:– History

James Ward Thorne School of Nursing

Folder 8: Student Record 1957-1960

Loyola University School of Nursing

Folder 9: Anniversary Program Report 1960

Lutheran General Hospital, Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Society of Chicago

Folder 10: Commemorative event 1988; Mission of mercy…Women of Action booklet 1985;

Yearbook 1960; Walking through the years 1928-1988

Mercy Hospital Training School for Nurses & Affiliation with St. Xavier’s College

Folder 11: Biography: Sr. Mary Therese Flatley; Paper: Sr. Mary Veronica, Present tendencies in nursing education

Michael Reese Hospital

Folder 12: Nurses’ Alumnae Association; school ribbon, badge, nurse photograph (nd)

Mount Sinai Hospital

Folder 13: Student record 1962

Norwegian American Hospital

Folder 14: Yearbook 1927; Yearbook 1928; Booklet 1930; Hospital Bulletin Aug. 20 1929, Sept. 1929, June 1930; The Stethoscope Student Nurse Newsletter May, June, July 1937; The Challenge of 30 Years’ Service. Booklet 1923; The Lamp Booklet 1969

Ravenswood Hospital

Folder 15: Yearbook 1924

Folder 16: Newsletter 1981

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center

Folder 17: Nursing Notes Fall 1984; Rush Reporter January 3, 1983

Passavant Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses

Folder 18: copied extract of 1915 Annual Report; School hymn 1905

Presbyterian Hospital

Folder 19: Student Record 1939-1942

St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing

Folder 20: Announcement 1940; Yearbook 1950; Alumnae yearbook 1955

St. Xavier College School of Nursing

Folder 21: 50th Anniversary Program 1985

Washington Boulevard Hospital School of Nursing

Folder 22: Catalog c. 1920

West End Training School for Nurses

Folder 23: Yearbook 1923

Westside Hospital Training School for Nurses

Folder 24: Alumnae Directory 1964

Wesley Memorial Hospital

Folder 25: Nursing Procedure manual 1961-1964

Illinois—other than Chicago

Rockford Memorial Hospital School of Nursing

Folder 26: Student Record 1942-1945

Copley Memorial School of Nursing (Aurora)

Folder 27: pictures

Mennonite Hospital School of Nursing, Bloomington

Folder 28: History 1919-1985


Lutheran Hospital Training School

Folder 29: yearbook 1959

St. Luke’s Hospital Training School

Folder 30: photograph graduate c. 1900


St. Joseph Hospital, Concordia

Folder 31: History—newspaper clipping 1978; Copy of photograph of Simmons Hospital, Lawrence, KS. 1910


Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association

Folder 32: Papers for the 75th Anniversary Program 1967


Boston University School of Nursing

Folder 33: 1971 – Education


Pine Rest Christian Hospital

Folder 34: History 1985

Battle Creek College

Folder 35: Battle Creek Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing Student Records, 1926, 1928


Abbot Northwestern Hospital Corporation

Folder 36: Nursing Education

New York

Columbia University Teacher’s College

Folder 37: 50th Anniversary Future of Nursing Education 1950

Folder 38: Molloy Catholic College for Women yearbook 1963

Box 3


Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Folder 1: Record 1944-1948

Other Ohio institutions

Folder 2: Ohio State University School of Nursing. Techniques for Impaired Vision; Cincinnati Nursing History; Hospitals in Xenia—newspaper clipping


Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital School of Nursing

Folder 3: Record 1950-53

Presbyterian School of Nursing

Folder 4: History 1887-1987

Rhode Island

Butler Hospital

Folder 5: History

South Dakota

Spring Valley Hospital School of Nursing

Folder 6: History 1898-1986


University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston School of Nursing

Folder 7: History 1890-1990


University of Virginia

Folder 8: Alumni Newsletter. Summer 1986


Deaconess Hospital, Spokane.

Folder 9: Diary of student nurse Mary Peters, April 1918-Jan. 1921


Brown County Mental Health Center

Folder 10: History 1858-1983

Madison District Nurses’ Association

Folder 11: 1978 Calendar University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Folder 12: 1975 History of School of Nursing; School of Nursing 50thAnniversary Symposium Programs; 50th Anniversary History School of Nursing; 65th Anniversary Button; Nursing Dimensions Publication and News

A resourceful university. The School of Nursing. Signe Cooper essay on the history of the nursing school (2)

A historical tea: A benefit for the UW Madison SON. Program. 2008

Milwaukee Hospital Training School

Folder 13: 1927 instructions to incoming pupil nurses; 1929 yearbook

Folder 14: The Gleanings Yearbook, Milwaukee Hospital School of Nursing, 1926-1929

Box 4

Folder 1: The Gleanings Yearbook, Milwaukee Hospital School of Nursing, 1930-1931

Folder 2: Tres Anni Yearbook, Milwaukee Hospital, Passavant. 1962

Folder 3: Tres Anni Yearbook, Milwaukee Hospital, Passavant. 1963, 1965

Box 5

Folder 3: Tres Anni Yearbook, Milwaukee Hospital, Passavant. 1965

Wisconsin Nurses’ Association

Folder 4: Invitation to the 1929 Graduation banquet; Wisconsin Nurses’ Association 1985 Calendar

St. Mary’s Training School for Nurses

Folder 5: History of Nursing Cap and Pin