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International Scholars & Students

UIC Nursing is proud to host visiting scholars, including pre- and post-doctoral students, from around the world. Their presence enriches our scholarly community. Heading link

See below for information specific to our International Visiting Scholars and International Visiting Students programs.

Visiting Scholars

At the UIC College of Nursing, individual Visiting Scholars have a scheduled period of time to work intensively with designated faculty, to audit classes and/or to obtain related experiences. Visits can last from one month to one year and should generally coincide with the start of the fall or spring academic terms. UIC Nursing does not accept Visiting Scholars for summer start dates. (See UIC’s academic calendar)

The college invites international nurse scholars who seek consultation, observation and collaboration. The following guidelines have been developed with the recognition that each visit from an international scholar is unique. Students who are enrolled in UIC degree programs are not a part of the following policies.

  1. Visiting Scholars are generally well-established nursing leaders in their home countries, and include faculty, heads of governmental agencies, administrators of hospitals, and leaders of other community-based health services.
  2. UIC Nursing does not generally fund scholar visits. Individuals usually self-fund or receive financial support from their employers or a governmental agency.
  3. Visiting Scholars must be proficient in reading and writing English but are not always proficient at conversing in English. An interview to assess conversational English ability is required prior to acceptance in the program.

International scholars who request a period of study at the UIC College of Nursing are approved on the following terms.

  1. The department in which they wish to study or conduct research approves the plan in advance.
  2. The department has the resources necessary to provide a satisfactory study experience.
  3. The international applicant has adequate English skills (verbal and written) to allow her/him to function with a fair degree of independence.
  4. The scholar understands that no academic credit can be granted.

Visiting Students

NOTE: This section does not apply to students seeking to enroll in a UIC College of Nursing degree program. International students interested in obtaining a degree should see the Admissions pages.

Students who are enrolled in a degree-program in their home country may be eligible for a pre- or post-doctoral program at the UIC College of Nursing under similar conditions as Visiting Scholars. These short-term programs allow students to supplement their current degree program with an international experience and develop leadership skills. In addition, UIC’s Study Abroad Office coordinates an International Student Exchange Program with partner schools throughout the world, which allows eligible students to complete an academic term abroad.

Apply International Scholars, Students Visiting Program

Visiting Scholars 2021-22 Heading link

Yu-nah Lee

Yu-nah Lee, PhD, RN,

Assistant Professor, Chodang University (South Korea)

Program Focus:

Community-Engaged Approach: Development of Caregiver-Infant Interaction Enhancement Program to Support the Social and Emotional Development of Premature/High-risk Babies

UIC Faculty Mentor(s):

Susan M. Walsh, DNP, APRN, PNP-PC, and Rohan D. Jeremiah, PhD, MPH

Keiko Sugimoto

Keiko Sugimoto, PhD’13, RN, MW, PHN

Associate Professor, Iryo Sosei University and University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Program Focus:

Antenatal and Postnatal Interventions for Immigrant Women in Japan / Cross-National Experiences of University Students Living under the COVID-19 Pandemic

UIC Faculty Mentor(s):

Susan Vonderheid, PhD, RN, and Chang Gi Park, PhD

Mitti Blako

Mitti Blakø, MSHS, BNS, CNP

PhD Student, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Program Focus

Social Support and Loneliness in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

UIC Faculty Mentor(s):

Susan L. Dunn, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Kusrini S. Kadar

Kusrini S. Kadar, BN, MN, PhD

Fulbright Scholar and Assistant Professor, Universitas Hasanuddin (Indonesia)

Program Focus

Developing a Short Version of Maternal Health Literacy Inventory in Pregnancy

UIC Faculty Mentor(s):

Crystal L. Patil, PhD

Duck Hee Chae

Duck Hee Chae, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Chonnam National University (South Korea)

Program Focus

Immigrant Health, Health Disparities, and Cultural Competence

UIC Faculty Mentor(s):

Ardith Z. Doorenbos, PhD, RN, FAAN

Global Health Leadership Office