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Congratulations on deciding to take the next step!

The application link is at the bottom of this page. Please read the whole page before you begin the application. This content outlines all the materials and resources you need on hand to complete your application.

All required materials must be completed per application instructions. Hard copy or e-mailed documents will NOT be accepted.

Application deadline is January 15.
Candidate interviews take place in February.
Final decisions will be sent to applicants no later than mid-March.

UIC undergraduate alumni and soon-to-be alumni who are applying to graduate Master’s and PhD programs could have their application fee waived. Only full or expected UIC alumni are eligible. This includes (1) Those students who have fully earned, or will earn, a UIC bachelor’s degree by the proposed term of enrollment in a UIC graduate program and (2) UIC seniors who are seeking concurrent graduate enrollment for the final year of their undergraduate study. Waiver does not apply to those who have attended UIC but not earned a degree, applicants to UIC professional programs, or alumni of UIUC or UIS.

Be sure to read: Requirements for admission

Academic Credentials/Transcripts Heading link


All UIC graduate and professional applicants must scan and upload copies of transcripts directly to the application. The transcripts must be registrar issued. Do NOT mail or e-mail transcripts directly to the College of Nursing or to the UIC Admissions Office.

  • You can upload transcripts as a single,  multipage standard PDF, or you may upload each page separately as a JPG, PNG or TIFF image file.
  • Additional credentials will be requested by Office of Admissions staff if submitted documents are insufficient, incorrect or illegible, which will result in an incomplete application status.

Please address any transcript questions directly to the UIC Office of Admissions at (312) 996-7800 or

Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Your resume or CV must be uploaded directly to the application.

Supplemental Materials Required by the College of Nursing Heading link

Application Essays

Within the application, you’ll be prompted to answer the following essay questions. We recommend that you draft your responses to the questions before beginning your application. Once submitted, you will not be allowed to edit your responses.

  1. Describe your reasons for pursuing the MS and your short-term and long-term goals.
  2. How will an MS assist you in attaining your career and educational goals? Why did you select UIC?
  3. Describe your experience with evidence-based practice.
  4. Please comment on your clinical practice experiences and how they have informed your decision to pursue graduate studies in nursing.
  5. The mission of the UIC College of Nursing is to transform health, healthcare and policy through knowledge generation and translation, as well as through education of future leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our vision is to be a preeminent leader in advancing global health and nursing. Please comment on how you can contribute to the UIC mission and vision as a student and future alumnus.
  6. What do you see as the major challenges that you will need to overcome (i.e., financial constraints, family responsibilities, analytical or statistical skills) in pursuing an MS? What are your plans for addressing these challenges?
  7. What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity and how would you develop and apply your commitment to diversity at UIC?

Three Professional/Academic Recommenders

The application will require you to enter the names and e-mail address for three recommenders. Each recommender will then receive an e-mail with a link to the UIC College of Nursing Recommendation form. Please inform each recommender that they must submit the Nursing Recommendation Form; the system does not allow for uploading a separate letter.

College of Nursing Interview

Not within application, but important to know before applying.

All applicants with completed applications will be contacted by the College of Nursing for an application interview. The interview is a required part of the application process. Applicants who do not sign up for an interview will not be considered for admission.

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After submitting your application ... Heading link

Please be sure to read any e-mails sent to you by the UIC Office of Admissions.  If there is a problem with any of your documents, UIC Admissions will contact you to ask that you to re-submit the document in question.

Need More Information? Heading link

Submit this form and an Enrollment Advisor will contact you to answer your questions.